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Biden with flags in backgroundFormer Gov. Mike Huckabee (D-Ark.) forecasts that it will be a “very ugly sight” for former Vice President Joe Biden and his supporters when President Donald Trump demolishes him in their 2020 presidential election debate.

empty pews in churchAn attorney representing a group of California churches says state guidelines for reopening houses of worship reflect "grotesque" and unequal treatment by the government.

Mexican meth labMassive amounts of precursor chemicals coming from China are being used to supply super-labs in Mexico for the production of methamphetamines and more – and America is being harmed in the process.

Jon SteingardAfter a popular Christian singer renounced his faith after years of questioning his beliefs, youth ministers are getting some tough-love advice: Teens deserve good answers for tough questions. 

Selina SouleA key federal agency is siding with three biological girls over two transgender girls in Connecticut, where the teen girls are suing the state’s athletic association for allowing the biological boys to compete and dominate the state’s track competitions.

Romans (Book of)A Messianic Jewish leader is concerned about the increasing popularity of a heretical teaching known as "dual-covenant" theology.

North Carolina welcome signIt’s not surprising that President Donald Trump is expressing misgivings about holding the GOP convention in North Carolina, says a longtime conservative activist.

media news industry (illustration)A former mainstream media executive has made an astonishing admission, but few think it will make a difference.

Supreme Court justices 2019President Donald Trump has made two nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court and he may soon have a third, but it might not be whom you suspect.

Kayleigh McEnany (press sec)The new White House press secretary is being criticized for pushing back against the antagonistic White House press corps but a media analyst says it’s past time to bring a gun to a gun fight.

Coptic Christian church in Egypt

Indigenous Coptic Christians in Egypt are suffering the worst crackdown on religious freedom and civil liberties in decades – and the persecution inflicted by both society and the government continues to increase.

street preachingFollowing a $50,000 settlement with the city, a Portland street evangelist can continue his ministry.

emergency lights ambulancePlanned Parenthood continues to be the source of incidents that prove abortion is not as safe as the provider would like people to think.

kids on computers using internetWith millions of kids learning at home during the pandemic, parents are facing new challenges. To help, a researcher with a research and educational institution says schools need to be more flexible.

U.N. logo (United Nations)A former United Nations adviser for delegations and American policy says the intergovernmental organization is no longer good.

GOP and Dems duking it outA conservative activist says the results of a city council election in a small town in Virginia could be a sign that the Democrat-dominated state could be in play for Republicans in November.

AmazonSmile logoAmazon is being called out for its connection with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has been widely discredited for falsely labeling several conservative and faith-based groups as "hate" groups.

Memorial Day soldiers ArlingtonThe New York Times chose the Memorial Day holiday to suggest the U.S. armed forces is supporting white supremacy.

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