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Lockewood Park Baptist Church
Generational ministries are of course, age oriented.
How “Generational Ministry” works…
We have 5 ministry teams, Glorylanders, Explorers, College & Young Adult Ministry, Chosen Generation Youth Ministries and UpStreet Children’s Ministry.
There are 5 team leaders assigned to the various age categories and those team leaders are responsible for the spiritual growth and discipleship of their respective team members.
These ministry teams have the primary mission of “REACHING OUT AND REACHING IN”. 
Our purpose for the “REACH OUT” phase of each ministry is to “Reach people for the Gospel of Christ and see them transformed into His likeness”.
  • Each generational team and team leader are responsible to find ways of reaching their generation for Christ in our community, state, nation and world levels.
They “REACH IN” by mentoring and discipling people of other generations within our church. Our primary purpose for “REACHING IN” is, “to join all generations together as one in the Body of Christ.”
  • Each ministry team is to find a way to “REACH IN” to at least one other generation within our church quarterly.
Each ministry team gathers to PRAY for the other generations, the church and it’s leaders, the community, state, nation and world and it’s leaders, for missionaries, and for the lost of all generations to be reached and discipled. 
The teams are as follows:
The Glorylanders Senior ministries - 65 and up
Explorers adult ministries - 35 to 65
College & Young Adult Ministry - 18 to 35
Chosen Generation Middle & High School Youth Ministries - 6th to 8th grades & 9th to 12th grades
UpStreet Children’s Ministries - K thru 5th grade
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