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Lockewood Park Baptist Church

Because we care for you and your family, the pastor and deacons of Lockewood Park are committed to deacon family ministry. 

We want to make certain that every member and family in our church experience the love and support of the whole congregation.  We want to be known throughout our community as a loving and caring church.


What is the deacon family ministry?  It is a plan through which deacons can join with the pastor in ministering to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each church member and family.  The resident church families are divided into groups of ten or more families.  Each group of families is then assigned to a deacon who will minister to them in their time of need.


The deacons also meet once a month, and a part of that meeting is spent praying about specific known needs of families and individuals as well as rejoicing over needs met and victories won.  Another part of the meeting is used in developing deacon’s skills in ministering to you and your families needs.


You may ask, how can a deacon help me?


Of course, you are the only one who can truly answer that question.  However, there are some specific ways your deacon can help you.

·       Visiting you in your time of need or when you request it.

·       Witnessing to unsaved family members.

·       Rejoicing with you and you family.

·       Being your friend.

·       Giving support in times of crisis.

·       Answering questions about your faith or about your church or denomination.

·       Helping you know and have fellowship with other church members and families.

·       Helping you find ways to serve in and through the church.

·       And praying for you and with you.

Your cooperation will help make the plan work. Feel free to contact your deacon. 


These men are ordained, trained and sanctioned by the church to help the pastor in meeting the needs of the body.  

If you are a member, please feel free to call upon your deacon in your time of need.

Deacon Jeff Arnold 

Deacon Jim A. Jones

Deacon Ray Secrease

Deacon Dr. Don Hudson

Lockewood Park Baptist Church
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